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Stay calm & keep it coastal

People seem to think that that furnishing your home in seaside blues and greens is suitable only for the late spring and summer. In reality, it’s a perfect style for all year round. What better way to fight off the winter blues than with a little ocean blue splashed here and there?

The St Malo Collection evokes a scenery of crashing waves and the smell of sea salt in the air. The 2 piece sectional is set low to the ground to achieve that breezy, relaxed vibe you’re looking for. There’s no better way to welcome people into your home!white tan pillow upclose

Every home needs accent pieces to build their soothing environment with. The Candice Accent Chair is just one of the amazing pieces to elevate your living area. Damask print and handcrafted, the perfect addition to your space!green white bedding bedroom

But the living room area isn’t the only place to get that beachy look. Short of planting tropical greenery all around your home, the best-selling Plantation Cove Collection spreads the good feelings all throughout your bedroom. You don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style for a little tropical comfort.

Why not spread that coastal calm all throughout your home? The dining area needs love too! With The Alcove Collection, you can mix and match these modern chairs (available in six colors!) to achieve that seaside look. Add in the beautifully structured Alcove Table, for a sophisticated space.

multi color table dining room