7 Colorful Ways To Update Your Bedding

It’s officially spring!

Time to shake off the dust, open up the curtains and update your bedding!

Don’t know where to start or how to do it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got bedding for days, ladies.

pink brown bed chair bedroom

Eclectic Mixer storage bed teal bedding colorful pillows

If you’re ready to jump right into the brightness of spring, invest in some bright blue bedsheets. Mix in a variety of colors for your accent pillows. Don’t match anything! If you’re loving these look, why not spread it outside of the bedroom? Let it infect your living room, your dining room, your bathroom, every room!

penelope1Tropical Resort

Wanna get away for awhile but can’t? Create a tropical paradise in your bedroom with bright, sultry colors like lime green and sherbert orange. Go a little crazy and add some faux palm trees, create a playlist with only beach sounds and make yourself a coconut beverage.

Fashion-LiteTwin - Dressthebed - Rachel Date's Jealla_1 DW_1660098_SP_Full Twin

A girly girl that loves fashion most definitely needs to update her bedroom for spring. Go with bright pinks and yellows and fun-sized pillows. Polka dots, stripes, ruffles; the possibilities are endless so don’t hold back. Your bedroom is your place for amusement and relaxation.

beddingColor Twistory

You’re never one to settle for neutrals. Combine two odd colors together for a bright but cohesive bedroom. Don’t just stick with normal bedsheets and pillows. Go for textured pieces like a shaggy pillow or a ruffled, ruched bedsheet. You’ll be much more satisfied that way!

Flowers in the BedroomFull - Full Dressthebed - Lattice Bed_13 DW_1661795_SP_Full

Dare to glare. Let your bedroom beam with color! One of our favorite color combinations is shades of purple mixed with orange. It’s a dazzling mix that reminds us of a summer garden in Savannah, Georgia. Try not to go overboard with pillows on top of pillows, let your bedsheets be brilliant on their own!

persimone1Strawberry Sorbet

Yum yum yum. This makes us crave a bowl of strawberry-swirled sorbet. This is a color palette that positively exudes summer vibes. Perfect for both warm weather seasons, so you don’t even have to change your sheets that often. Mix and match an array of pink-red pillows on the bed to complete the look.

Understated ModFull Queen - Full Dressthebed - White Knots_14 DW_1659995_SP_Full

If you’re not into a ton of color but you still want to refresh for spring, we haven’t forgotten about you. Black and white monochrome is a good palette to play with. It’s simple, chic and undemanding so you can add or subtract pillows easily. If you want a little color, go for a couple of pastel pillows or a duvet.




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