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Spring is almost here, so make over your bedroom!

The sun is out longer, the birds are a-chirpin’, you’ve gotten your first ant inside the house…we all know what this means: we’re on the eve of Spring! So open the blinds, dust the shelves, bake those cupcakes, wash the sheets, because it’s time to let spring in! We’re focusing on the bedroom in this post. No one wants the smell of winter hanging over the room when the sun is shining, so let us give you some tips on making over the best room in the house 🙂

Step 1: Clean out the clutter already!
If it doesn’t help you relax, remove it. It doesn’t need to be in the bedroom, the ultimate place for relaxation and rest. Yes this includes the TV. “What?” You may be shouting. “That’s blasphemy!” Hey, research has shown that having a TV in the bedroom can actually hinder your chances of getting a good night’s sleep! If you can’t move the clutter from the bedroom to another, then hide them in a beautiful storage ottoman that you can put at the foot of your bed!red pillows

Step 2: Revamp the bedding
Duvets & comforters are can help create a whole new vibe for the bed. For spring, think about adding more bright colors with a dazzling duvet or some amazing accent pillows! Yes, we all know that florals and spring are not that groundbreaking but they are timeless and will put you in the right mood for spring.

Step 3: Switch it up
Even just moving around the furniture in your bedroom can have a huge impact on your room. Move your bed to the other side, make your vanity and dressers switch places, even flip the mattress for a different feel. You’ll be surprised at how different everything feels by just shifting things around.

Step 4: Keep your head up
A headboard is crucial to the entire look of the bedroom. If you don’t have one, it’s high time to get one. Headboards have the power to make any bed look sophisticated and chic. If you already have a headboard, you don’t need to go out and replace it. This is why DIY exists!orange wood bed bedroom Throw some new paint on it, let your kids in on the phone by letting them draw on it, add embellishments like nailhead studs, fabric patterns, hooks, etc.

Step 5: Rug it out
Area rugs are another GREAT way to add more flavor to your room. Switch out that dull neutral rug for one that has a bold print or bright color or maybe both! If you already have carpet in your bedroom, it’s time to clean it up! Do a deep clean of the carpet and you’ll be amazed when the original color of it comes shining through.

Step 6: Dress it up
Show your dresser and nightstands some love. Use wallpaper or paint to create fun, beautiful designs and colors on your staple accessories. Or if you’re all DIYed out, pick up some new accent pieces! Get one that really resonates and connects with your overall decor. It’s very important to keep your room in sync!



Step 7: Wonder Window

The windows are the eyes of the home. Time to put a fresh coat of eyeliner and mascara on them! A luminous valance or a set of curtains will really make the room POP. Have them match your new area rug or the pattern on your redone nightstand. Consistent throughout the room helps create newness but also helps with relaxation. Did you know mixing too many prints and patterns can be stressful? Keep it simple and beautiful!

blue chair plants living roomStep 8: Bedroom Garden
Yes to truly embrace the new spring, bring in some fresh flowers and plants. Get a little windowsill garden that sits snugly into your window. Plants refresh any space by providing more oxygen and cleaner air. Your room will smell peaceful and wonderful. If you’re lacking in a green thumb, try to find plants that are harder to destroy, like a cactus!

Step 9: Deck the wallsParis wall decor living room
Artwork is so important to bringing lasting, finishing touches to a room. The bedroom shouldn’t be overly stuffed with various art but one or two pieces could really bring this makeover to the next level! Choose your prints wisely. For example, if you have big, bold bedding, go with a more subdued piece of art and vice versa. You can never go wrong with a floral print mixed media piece!