dress up your home for the holiday season

Small Space Party Tips: Holiday Edition

Why should people with big houses get to have all the holiday fun? It IS possible to throw a holiday party in a smaller space. As with any party, it’s all about the planning. Here are our top five tips for an amazing holiday shindig no matter how small the space:

  1. Rearrange. Push sofas to the wall. Move excess “stuff” into the bedroom. As much as possible, allow for spots that are “open” for people to gather. When it comes to parties, you don’t need to worry about having enough seating for every single person. Having people up and about actually helps with the energy of a get together.
  2. Get creative. Don’t have a ton of surface space in the kitchen? Try this trick: fill your sink with ice and use it in place of a cooler. No dining room table for people to sit and snack? Use a tray on your ottoman or sofa as an extra spot for guests to set their drinks or plates.tempo, ottoman, sofa
  3. Avoid traffic jams. When space is limited, the layout of food and drinks is important. Don’t set everything on the same side of the room. Spread them out so less people will be trying to get to the same spot.
  4. Use labels. Encourage guests to label their drinks. For wine glasses, buy a few cute wine charms so people can track there drinks. It will help keep the limited surface space from filling up with abandoned beverages.
  5. Deck the WALLS. A holiday party isn’t complete without the decorations! When it comes to a small space, use your walls and ceilings to their fullest potential. String garland, lights, wreaths to fill the space with charm without taking up a ton of room.