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Radiate With Metallics In Your Space

metallics furniture

Splendid. Sophisticated. Shimmery. Metallics.

One of our favorite trends in furniture and home decor this year is metallics in fabrics, upholstery and mirrored accents. All of these pieces together make up a specific type of glam that feels futuristic yet still timeless.

Seeing this trend, you might love it (like we do) but feel unsure of how to fit it into your space. That’s what we’re here for. You can big or small but what you can’t do is ignore this fabulous style.

tan, sectional, living room
This Tempo collection features a soft, neutral glow combining metallic fabrics & mirrored accent pieces that offset the dark wood in the space. An purely beautiful living room for any stylish woman.
  1. Start small with accent pillows. Create a mixed perspective with different sizes and shapes. Combine silver and gold, sequins and metallic fabrics, small and large pillows for a dynamic space on your sofa or even in your bedroom.
  2. Go a little more bold with mirrored accent pieces. Go for a muted, neutral tone to offset the radiance of the piece. End tables, coffee tables, chests, dinette tables, chairs, chandeliers; the possibilities are endless. We always recommend sticking to gold or silver or black as a base color so your room has a cohesive, consistent feel.
  3. glam gray bedroomIf you’re ready to go bigger, try sectional or sofa with metallic finishes like this or this or this. Stick to a neutral colored sofa or sectional so you can build your space around it. A touch of gold, silver and black sequins can go a long way.
  4. In the bedroom, a big, beautiful bed is the best place to experiment with metallics. Keep the color palette light. Did you know harsh, bold colors in the bedroom can actually disrupt your sleep? Choose mirrored accentuated dressers and chests to complete the look and feel.
  5. If you want to complete the entire home in metallics, our last stop is the dining room! You can easily just update or add a few metallic finished accents in the space to give it a more luxurious look. Perfect for dinner parties, right?


silver table dining room
One of our fans, Carrie, used some of our pieces from the Allegro collection to create a golden, glamorous French-inspired breakfast nook. She used her neutral color palette to its fullest potential by not letting any other piece outshine the other.