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Decorate With Pantone’s 2015 Colors

[custom_heading center=”true”]We’re obsessed with color. I mean, who isn’t?[/custom_heading] Color is crucial in our every day life from our clothes, to our accessories to how we decorate to what we furnish our homes with. It’s a part of how we interact with the things around us and there’s even psychology attached to it! This is why we love Pantone so much. They send out a list of colors to live by for spring and fall and it helps serve as a guidepost for what to wear, what complements you and your home. Obviously you don’t have to follow it to a T, but it’s a helpful guideline in what you could do in your home. Below we gathered some of our fave Pantone spring colors that some of our products best show off!


Aquamarine is a color that evokes an image of a calming breeze on the ocean. It’s a relaxing color that is much needed if you want to relaxify your home. The Nouveau accent chair is super comfortable and very conducive to winding down after a long day. This color is best for the bedroom or a nursery because who doesn’t want chill out while in bed? Get some aquamarine sheets with mixed accent pillows for a completely cozy look!


Toasted Almond sounds yummy doesn’t it? It’s our new favorite neutral! The color really highlights spring/summer colors, like coral and mint. This color can literally go anywhere in the house, but we suggest using it on your patio, deck, porch or anywhere outside. Light neutrals are ideal for outside furniture because the sun is a menace and it fades all colors out. Instead of going for bright bold accent colors, try neutral, graphic prints like the Rizzy pillow shown above. You can still achieve an amazing look with neutrals!


Treetop is in, jade green is out. This color embodies summer. It’s boisterous, exuberant, vivid, youthful. A color that draws the eye in. This isn’t your regular passive green, this is a green needs room to shine. Perfect for the basement, the rec room or the bar area. Use Treetop-colored accent pieces and wall accessories to accentuate the area you’ve chosen to be your “playroom” whether for children or for entertaining guests. This color is complimented by light pinks and burnished golds.


Titanium is the metal of power. “I am titaaaaaaniuuuuuuuum,” is THE power anthem isn’t? If you want a bold, solid, timeless look, Titanium is your color. It’s not your average gray. And it goes with almost every color, but we prefer a dark, brick red to accentuate it. This is a color that works really well in the living room and if you’re into the heavy look, use muted neutrals with a splash of dark red to make it commanding. However if you love Titanium but don’t want it to be too weighty, try pairing with whites and yellows to lighten it up.


Tangerine my heart! One of our wildest colors in this post, Tangerine is for the idealistic, carefree person who likes to experiment with their home in crazy, imaginative ways! Radiant Orchid was last year’s Pantone Spring color and it goes beautifully with Tangerine! These colors are excellent for a kid’s bedroom or for the dining room! Don’t be afraid to add a bright ottoman or accent chair to any part of your home for a nice burst of color. Floral prints or chevron in Tangerine is PEAK exuberant. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!


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