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One Color, Unlimited Options

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Have you heard of monochromatic color schemes? Using a single color palette is one of this year’s hottest design trends. It’s long been a favorite of celebrities and interior designers. The nice part is that it’s super easy to recreate in your own home. A successful monochromatic color scheme incorporates different shades of a single color into a room. Just pick your favorite base color, then add furniture and accessories in various light, medium and dark shades.

Here are the steps to follow if you’d like to create a sophisticated monochromatic look in your living room or bedroom.

  1. Choose a main hue you’d like to use. It can be anything from blue, to yellow, to black.
  2. Select 3-5 shades of of it. For example, if you chose blue as your main color, you could pick the additional shades of navy, cobalt and periwinkle.
  3. Decide where the majority of the base color will live. Maybe it’s the main pieces of furniture or the wall color.
  4. Add accessories like pillows, rugs and wall art in shades of the selected color to complete the look.

It may be hard to get it right, but when you do, it looks spectacular!