black leather sofa

Go Monochrome

A monochromatic black and white design is a great way to create a sleek, bold look that will never go out of fashion. This sophisticated color scheme is the epitome of high contrast in more ways than one. Both current and classic, masculine and feminine, strong and subtle, this design  is perfect for a design beginner or expert alike. Check out some tips for how to make the most of your black and white design:
  • Go high gloss. The sleek, reflective effect of silver and chrome accents are the perfect complement to the contemporary feel of a black and white design.
  • Keep it clean. Black and white design is perfect for the sleek, clean lines of a modern aesthetic. Keep your main pieces simple as a backdrop to show off other patterns and accents. Sofas, chairs and dining room tables that have an uncomplicated silhouette will really anchor the bold design of the room.
  • Put in pattern. The high contrast of black and white makes geometric patterns stand out even more. When done in black and white, geometric patterns, angles, lines, stripes, etc can make an even more stylish statement.
  • A little color is okay. A few colorful accessories won’t take away from the overall design (just make sure to stick with one or two accent colors). Adding a little bit of color can give the room the perfect finishing touch.
  • Mix hard and soft. Make sure the room has some softer textures and elements to keep the space feeling comfortable. Soft leathers, velvety throw blankets and a house plant or two will all help bring a homey, welcoming vibe to the room.

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