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Garden Party Animal: Maximize Your Outdoor Entertaining

Warm weather is finally here! Rejoice! We all know what this means…outdoor party time! That means barbecues, pool parties, bonfires, camping, making s’mores, so many fun things to do outside! We’ve helped you plan parties inside so we’re going to do it again so you can have the perfect outdoor entertaining experience!


First and foremost, a dining area is the most important part of an outdoor party. For large spaces, a 7-9 piece dining set would be super beneficial. Seat as many people as you can for dining, but the best part is most people will be milling around or prefer to stand up, so you don’t have to worry about seating everyone at once. For small spaces, create smaller seating areas with a 3-piece dining set and utilize bar stools and bar carts wherever possible to create more space for eating and drinking.


Outside of the dining area you’ve created, seating for the rest of your guests is paramount. You can go with classic outdoor seating that may take up more space but is super comfortable or go with a more modern, low-impact seating that’s functional. If you have the space for it, by all means invest in an outdoor sectional or sofa set. This will create a living room vibe outside, where your guests can kick back and relax.


Be sure to leave plenty of room for the grill if you have one, don’t place any furniture near it. No one wants to sit next to a smoky grill no matter how good the food smells!

Don’t forget about the umbrellas! No one thinks about the umbrellas until it’s too late and Uncle Bob is so sunburnt he can’t move 🙁 Umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes so if you’re in a large space, get at least 3; smaller spaces 1-2 will do. If you’ve got a huge space, a gazebo would be the best fit! Gazebos not only keep you cool when the sun is beaming on you but they’re super stylish!

Last but not least, the firepit! Some people think it’s weird to have a fire in the summer but how else are you going to make s’mores???? Place a firepit in the center of your entertaining area and people will gravitate towards it, making it a great conversation area!