black dining room table

The Most Attractive Colors for Fall

Pantone®’s hottest colors for fall are here and they are rich in earthy neutrals with big, bold colors to create unique color combinations that will fill your home with love, hope, energy and beauty! See below for the fall colors combinations you should have in your space!

Here’s a appealing way to mix Biscay Bay with Oak Buff, in the accents with our Coronado reclining sectional as the foundation. This combination has a sweet coastal feel that opens the room up with soothing colors. Biscay Bay is a bold teal that matches well with beiges, golds and darker blues. Oak Buff is a glimmering, yet earthy color that can go with just about anything.


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Ottomans are such a neat, easy way to add color to a space that might be lacking some. If you’re the bold sort, break out the Cadmium Orange but balance it out with Stormy Weather! Cadmium is a so big and bright, it will immediately be the focus of your room so choose accents wisely. Stormy Weather is a perfect neutral color that compliments everything you already have.


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Accents are the only way to add fall colors into your home! Paint the walls!! Dried Herb or Desert Sage are amazing earthy neutrals that are both sophisticated and understated. These colors would match perfectly with your wooden dining collection and a carpet that matches!