green white bedding bedroom

Make Country Decor Contemporary


When you want to escape from the hustle of modern life, try a charming cottage inspired theme! The cute and quaint styles of a Contemporary Cottage design incorporate everything you love about the country with a classy twist.

Here’s how to design a space that gives the look and feel of a peaceful country cottage, but still looks great in a modern urban space:

blue patterned sofa


Gingham never goes out of style. This subtle checkered print gives the hint of plaid, but with a more sophisticated twist. Pair it with accents of a beautiful floral print (in the same color scheme) and you’ve got an antique vibe that feels totally in place in a modern space.



neutral floral loveseat

Florals don’t have to mean farmhouse. When you love the look of an all over floral, choose one in a neutral color shade to keep the print from overwhelming the space. You’ll get the gorgeous and feminine look that comes with a floral pattern while still maintaining a contemporary feel.


white side table wooden side table green side table


Bring outside details in. Architectural elements that you’d traditionally see in the country such as shutters, barn doors and picket fences have all been translated into elements of interior design. It’s a great way for even a city space to give a nod to your country roots.


autumn landscape art


Show off your love of nature. Country wouldn’t be much without, well, the country! Add elements of the outdoors into your room’s design with art inspired by all the beauty of mother nature.