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Bring nature into your home this winter & create your own oasis!

[custom_heading center=”true”]In the winter, bring nature-inspired decor & pieces into your home to open up your space. Create your own oasis in the middle of a blizzard! Nature-inpsired decor is a huge trend in 2015. People are looking to Mother Nature for inspiration in their homes. Peace & serenity for the win![/custom_heading]

Tell a story in prints
Throw pillows are like the details in a well-written story. Tell the tale of your living or bedroom with nature-inspired accent pillows. You can never have too many & they don’t even have to match! Go for browns, yellows & greens.

A touch of green
Cover every inch of your home in plants & flowers! Place live greenery near windows & faux greenery on staircases, in the bathroom, on bookcases, etc. To trend it up even further, put your greens in copper vases!

Let there be light
Open up the blinds & let the natural light in! If it’s dark outside, let those lamps shine in the dark! Sunlight is the most important thing in nature so your home needs to reflect that as well!

Go soft & subtle
Go gentle with your nature prints & accent pieces. You want to create an oasis of light colors & graphics that create an air of relaxation. 



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