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Get Your Home Ready for Fall

The season of pumpkin spice is here! But flavored lattes and leg warmers aren’t the only thing that will get you into the autumn spirit. Update your home for fall fun with these simple tips:

Grab some throw blankets: Crisp, cool days and even cooler nights are the perfect time to cuddle up under a blanket. Curl up under a blanket with some hot apple cider and a good book (or Netflix binge). That’s autumn at home done right!

Extend the life of your patio:  If you’re lucky enough to have this great extra space, don’t confine it to the summer months! A patio is simply not complete without a fire pit. S’mores and ghost stories by the fire are calling your name!

Get ready for winter: If you live in a climate where winter hits hard, now is the time to do all the practical things your home needs. Install storm windows and doors, inspect the furnace, clean and inspect the fireplace… you get the idea! Don’t wait until the first frost hits to discover your heat isn’t working!Peceful image of open book resting on a arm rest of a couch. Warm fireplace on background.

Add some ambiance: Don’t have a built-in fireplace? There’s no need to start ripping out walls! You can add the same warmth and glow – no renovation required – with an electric fireplace. No need for a boring space heater when you can warm up the room with a decorative touch!

Give in to the season: Can’t… resist… PUMPKIN! Let’s be honest, the season just wouldn’t be the same without a little pumpkin! Whether it’s fun decorative jack-o-lantern, a scented candle or a delicious pumpkin pie, your home won’t officially feel ready for fall until you add a pinch of pumpkin.


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