holiday dining

6 Tips to Make Your Home Great for Entertaining

The season of entertaining is officially upon us! Here are 6 super simple tips to make your home great for guests.

  1. Do a surface clean. This isn’t the time to re-organize your closet and re-design your living room. Just make sure surfaces are wiped down, floors are vacuumed and clutter is put away.
  2. Shine the right light. The dimmer switch is the spot-cleaners best friend. Not only is lowering the light great for hiding any cleaning indiscretions, it’s perfect for creating a cool mood.
  3. Add some candlelight. A great scented candle makes your home super welcoming. Just don’t choose a scent that’s too overpowering (stay away from strong cinnamon or a tropical island theme) and make sure to blow out the scented candles before everyone eats.
  4. Have enough seating. This one is most important for any kind of dinner party. If guests will be sitting down to a meal you’ll want an exact chair count. For general holiday parties, you don’t need seating for everyone. It’s actually better to have less seating to encourage people to mingle.
  5. Add a little bit of nature. It’s amazing how quickly flowers and houseplants can instantly warm up your space.
  6. Create a playlist. You don’t want anything that will be distracting. Just some light tunes in the background so it’s not too obvious if the conversation comes to a lull for a moment. If you don’t feel like putting a list together yourself, all kinds of streaming music sites provide pre-made party playlists and stations.



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