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6 Tips to Add Texture to Your Space

[custom_heading center=”true”]Room feeling a little flat? Try adding some texture. And no, texture isn’t only tactile, texture can be visual as well.[/custom_heading]

Texture can be translated into your home design in a number of ways. Here are 6 types of texture you can add to give your space’s style more depth and interest:tan sectional living room

Bring both tactile and visual texture into your space in one piece with an area rug. Not only does it add warmth, but the right rug can bring great texture and pattern. It’s the perfect way to really complete a space and pull a look together.

Plants & Flowers
Add life to your room – literally! Flowers are always visually pleasing and most provide room refreshing fragrance as well. House plants brighten up the look of your room and even help the air quality in your home!

Polished chrome has high shine and is a great modern touch. Mirrored accents are a great trend right now and can add a great touch any piece or add a full-length or wall mirror to really open up the room. The more mirrored surface in the space, the bigger the room actually feels.

Rich in texture and with its own unique history, leather adds instant elegance to your space. The look can be achieved through faux, bonded or genuine Italian leather. Each piece has great benefits and adds the texture you want.

Out of all the texture that nature has to offer, wood is one of the most varied and beautiful. You can incorporate wood with furniture or accessories. Reclaimed wood is a great trend that is also environmentally friendly.

In addition to a great rug, textiles like toss pillows and throw blankets open up a huge world of texture, pattern and color. These are also great options because they can easily be swapped out when you’re in the mood for a new look.