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5 Simple New Year’s Resolutions For You & Your Home

You’ve got New Year’s resolutions for 2017, we’ve got the pieces you need to help achieve them. Here are five ways updating your life = updating your home.

  1. Resolution: Eat healthier = Solution: Dine at home. All the experts agree that one of the most important ways to cut out excess calories and make your meals healthier is to cook and eat at home. Creating a dining space you love will make it even easier to resist going out to eat.
  2. Resolution: Get organized = Solution: Add more storage. Getting organized doesn’t have to mean giving away all your stuff or filling up a ton of plastic storage bins. Add a few stylish storage pieces and watch your space and mind become less cluttered.
  3. Resolution: Sleep better = Solution: Improve your mattress. The right mattress is the foundation (literally) of a great night’s sleep. If you spent 2015 feeling less than rested, now is the time to invest in yourself and your health with a quality new mattress set.
  4. Resolution: Spend more time with friends = Solution: Create a space for entertaining. Make 2016 the year you become the host(est) with the most. Get a great new sectional so you have more seating. Add a bar and be everyone’s favorite spot. However you and your friends like to hangout, an update to your space can totally change how everyone gets together.
  5. Resolution: Save money = Solution: Shop smart. Okay, so this one is us tooting our own horn a little. But really… check out our selection and you’ll see how we make it easy to find your perfect piece without breaking the bank. Make this the year you create your dream house.

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  1. great article…i’ll max out my income this quarter just to buy in.
    for me the key is better organization.
    drat that’s a big mountain for everyone here.
    not just the kids with zillions of electronic devices.

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