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Top 5 Reasons to Love Friendsgiving

Move over traditional Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving is here to stay. Time with family is great, but we love that sharing a holiday meal with friends has become such an important tradition. As the saying goes, “friends are the family you choose.”

Here are our top 5 reasons why we love Friendsgiving:American Signature Dining Solutions (1 of 12)

  1. It’s an open menu. Forget the turkey and stuffing, for Friendsgiving you can dabble in any type of cuisine that strikes your fancy. Italian food is always a fan favorite, but feel free to throw in whatever you’d like. If your group of friends wants to do a vegan, organic, gluten free feast, you’re free to do so without having to hear about it from uncle Steve.
  2. Watch and play whatever you want. With Friendsgiving being a traditionally adult affair, your after meal entertainment can be anything you want. Pop in a scary movie or play some Cards Against Humanity. There are no cartoons here (unless that’s what everyone wants to watch).
  3. Conversation comes easy. There’s no having to dodge the touchy subjects, these are your friends! No worrying about your cousin sharing his political views or mom asking you why you’re still single.
  4. You can be comfortable. Throw on your favorite hoodie and leggings, you won’t have to worry about grandma disapproving of how “young people” are dressing these days.
  5. There isn’t far to go. Sometimes a friend might be coming from a distance, but usually everyone for Friendsgiving is already close. This means less time sitting in holiday traffic and more time eating, drinking and being merry!