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Party for Halloween in Any Size Home

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Scared you right?

Just getting into the holiday spirit! Halloween is less than a month away and chances are you’re already planning the perfect Halloween bash. You might be in a small studio apartment or a 2 bedroom townhouse or big home with multiple rooms, these tips are for any size home! Halloween party


One Room/Studio Apartment

If you’re in a small apartment, the first thing to do is make room in your home. Clear out the space and push everything against the walls. Get a large rug for the center of the room where people can dance or gather in the center. Utilize small tables or bar carts along the walls for food and drink stations. Dim the lights and set up candles in votives for spooky mood lighting. Use fake cobwebs to divide up the room into “mini rooms.”

Halloween composition on fireplace closeupCondo/Townhouse/Large Apartment

You’ve got a little more room to play with! If you’re in a 2-bedroom apartment all on one floor, dedicate the guest room to being the “scary room” with creepy decor and a scary soundtrack. If you’ve got a 2 level condo or townhouse, make the downstairs living room area the dance floor. Move everything against the wall. Have all the drinks in the kitchen/dining area. In the upstairs area, make it the hangout spot where your guests can chat. Tell scary stories or play spooky games! The possibilities are endless!

Three Bedroom Home and Up Pumpkins near the door during Halloween season

Your home is primed and ready to be a full-fledged haunted house! First thing is to remove any breakables and store them somewhere safe. Then you need to map out where people are going to walk through. Dedicate each room to a different, terrifying theme: one room is a graveyard, another is where the mummies rest, yet another could be a bat cave with vampires lurking. The mood and lighting has to fit perfectly. A fog machine is a MUST. You can do anything your rooms!


Don’t be afraid to have the best Halloween bash ever because of the size of your space! The most important thing is that you and your friends have the night of their lives! Send us your photos on Instagram or Twitter!