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Host a Great Game Night

It’s time to bring back game night! Sound a little old school? Maybe. But in this era of smartphones you’ll find that a little face-to-face time with friends might be just what your Saturday nights have been missing.

What to play:

  • Classic board games: People love a good throwback! And after all, games like Clue or Monopoly have to be great to have lasted this long!
  • Party games: Charades is a classic that everyone loves, but there is also a whole new breed of party games around today. Yes, we just said to put down the smartphone, but the game Head’s Up is a great one for a small group of friends. Also, if you like your games a little edgier, Cards Against Humanity has a huge cult following.
  • Video games: You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy these types of video games. Games like Scene-It make great use of your gaming system. Video game system with motion sensing technology can even have your guests up and dancing!
Checkerboard Cheese Sandwiches
Get your snacks in the spirit with this fun Checkerboard Cheese Sandwich idea.

What to serve: Finger foods are definitely the way to go. But nothing too greasy (steer clear of chicken wings). Get food that’s too messy and your guests will end up passing around more than playing cards!

Set up the space: Time to clear off those table tops. Make sure you have enough seats for everyone at the dining room table and clear (or rearrange) the area around the coffee table so everyone has a spot to sit. If you’re playing a Wii style game with a lot of movement, check the entire area to create a safe gaming zone.