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Summer Parties, Big & Small!

Group Of Friends Enjoying Outdoor Meal At Home

[custom_heading center=”true”]Summer is fast approaching, guys! And with comes our favorite part of the season: SUMMER PARTIES! Whether you’ve got a big backyard or a tiny balcony, we’ve got some helpful hints and tips to guide you in starting the summer off right![/custom_heading]

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the table is set for outdoor dining

If you’re a 20-something with a small home or apartment, don’t think you can’t have a summer party worthy of legend. If you’re like me, you live in an apartment in the city with a balcony and access to an awesome rooftop pool. We frequently host friends by the pool while grilling and playing games. We typically section off our own little area when we’re at the pool. If you’re at a crowded communal pool, try and create a small space for you and your friends to gather and eat before heading back for a dip!

Nice outdoor setting

If you’re in a small home with a little backyard and can’t figure out how to fit all of your friends back there and still serve food and drinks, never fear! Set up mini stations with small tables or dinette sets; one for food, one for alcohol and one for miscellaneous items. Then set up a couple tables with chairs so that people can sit, eat and talk if they want to. Make sure everything is as far from the doors as you can possibly get!

BBQ Summer Backyard Party Scene with sign JULY 4 th BBQ on wooden heart. Tilt-Shift effect on background.

As for you people with bigger homes and backyards, invest in some quality patio furniture. A four piece outdoor sectional or sofa set with a full dining table to boot will do. You’ve got the space to spread out so why not take advantage of that? You’ll have a lounge area and a dining area so get a gazebo with a firepit for when the sun goes down and everyone wants to relax by the fire. Set up a little play area for the kids, with a pool or a sandbox. Position that as far away from the fire as you can!

Check out how many different ways you can arrange your outdoor furniture! Each little seating arrangement is optimized for maximum entertaining!