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Simple Tips to Keep Your Cool This Summer

[custom_heading center=”true”]Ah, spring. Finally the warmer weather seems to be here to stay… for a little while at least.[/custom_heading]

With a winter as unrelenting as the one most of us just experienced, getting your home ready for the summer was probably the furthest thing from your mind. But now that those pleasant in-between spring days are here, it’s the chance to get everything in order before the extreme heat kicks in.

Here are some helpful tips to refresh your space and get you and your home ready for the heat:

Open Up: Stuffy. Cooped up. Shut in. Winter requires that your home stay sealed tight and that can leave everything feeling a little stale. Open those windows and get some air going. It freshens up the whole house and can be great motivation for any spring cleaning you’ve put off.

Keep Cool: Your air conditioner got a break all winter, but don’t assume that means it’s rested and ready to go. Turn it on now and make sure everything is in working order while the temperatures are still bearable and air conditioner repair companies are less busy. Wait too long to test it out and you could find yourself in a sticky situation.

Bring the Outside In: The world outside has sprung to life and everything is in full bloom. Take a cue from Mother Nature and brighten up the inside with some fresh cut flowers. You’ll be amazed at how easily a few blossoms will brighten the mood of a room and lift your spirits.

It’s All About Hue: While you can’t realistically change your entire house to match the mood of each season, there are certainly some colors that evoke the feeling of summer. Throw down a bright new area rug or brighten up the room with some fun new lighting.

Don’t be Pest-ered: We humans aren’t the only ones that “spring to life” with the warmer weather. All those pesky creepy-crawlies start to find their way inside in the summer months. So make sure you’re proactive with your pest control. Start with prevention now before you end up with a bunch of unwanted visitors.

Take the Party Outside: The most important thing you can do to be ready for summer is make sure your outdoor living space is ready. Nice weather gives you a whole new realm of entertaining options. Ensure patio furniture is clean and in good condition. Get that grill spick-and-span and make sure any propane tanks are full.