brown sapphire star chandelier

Modern (Wall) Art

Hanging wall art can be a pretty cut and dry endeavor. Pick the spot, grab the tools, hang it up and you’re done. But if you want to spice up  your art a bit, consider a different arrangement.

black white bedroom

Combining different shapes and sizes in an interesting, geometric configuration is a great modern take on hanging art. It doesn’t matter whether it’s art prints or photography, color or black and white. Putting different types of prints together makes the design more white bedding bedroom

The only rule when choosing the pieces is that the color choices complement the room. A variety of patterns and types creates visual interest and gives the room texture! The color choices of your art should come primarily from the room’s design with a few accent colors sprinkled throughout.

Choose pieces that are both beautiful on their own and that work in a collage. You’ll be amazed at how much “pop” it gives to your room’s design.

orange wood bed bedroom

But art doesn’t have to mean just pictures in frames. There are all kinds of great items that can be “art.” Take this elegant yet eccentric design featuring a collection of antique plates. This is beautiful art AND a conversation starter.

Even a re-purposed window can be art. The rustic, white washed finish and unique, geometric design looks like it was made to be in this room.

Expert tip: save yourself a lot of hassle – and your walls a lot of trauma – by first creating your wall arrangement with craft paper and painter’s tape. This can be done by tracing the frames (or other items) on craft or butcher’s paper, cutting them out and arranging them on the wall the way you envision it.

That way, if you’re not happy with the look, you can easily move everything around until you’ve found the perfect collage without any unnecessary holes!