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How to Make Your Home Pet Purrrrfect

Pets bring so much happiness and love to our homes! Unfortunately, they also come with their fair share of scratches, fur and all kinds of messes. If you’re in the process of preparing your home for a new furry family member, or want to add some pet-proofing for a current cat or dog, follow these super simple tips and tricks to keep your home looking great:


  1. Pick the right fabric. dogLeather is one of the best types of upholstery for pet
    owners. It’s durable and easy to clean making it the best fabric to fight fur. Just remember to keep those claws trimmed to avoid scratches and tears!
  2. Add style while protecting your floors.
    Area rugs are important for homes with pets. They’re easier to clean (and replace if necessary) than a whole room’s flooring. When choosing the right area rug, choose one with a small, geometric pattern. They work best for disguising fur and any areas where an accident may have
  3. Accessorize with your pet. It’s not always an option, but if you’re in the market for a new sofa, consider one that color coordinates with your pet. While it may seem silly, it will actually make a huge difference. No matter how much you clean, white fur on a black couch will always be a losing battle.
  4. Cover cushions in style. Throw blankets are a pet owner’s best friends. Just like covering your floors with a rug, a throw blanket can offer style and protection for your furniture. Think of them like a couch cover only more stylish and easy to clean!

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