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Upgrade Your Space with Leather

Looking around your apartment and thinking it’s about time for an upgrade?

Well, we all know there are few things that will instantly add more sophistication to a room than the look of leather! But real leather is like… so expensive right? Not anymore!

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Leather furniture adds sophisticated style and an undeniable touch of luxury to any home’s design, but the benefits of leather furniture are more than just skin deep. Real authentic leather furniture is known for its durability and actually lasts an average of 3 times longer than fabric upholstery. On top of being stylish and 4 times more durable than fabric, leather furniture is also easy to clean, making it a popular choice for families with children and pets.

While there are lots of alternatives available that have the look of leather, there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

The Real Authentic Leather Collection uses high quality, top grain leather EVERYWHERE YOU SIT! that means you’re always getting the seating experience of genuine, high end leather. The backs and sides are then covered with color-matched, bonded leather to create a seamless look and totally budget friendly price.

Plus, these pieces are SO FREAKING STYLISH! I mean… just look at them. THIS is how you do adulting right.
Real Authentic Leather, white, neutral, living room, chair Real Authentic Leather, white, neutral, living room, sectional

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