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From Tailgate to Cocktail Hour at Home

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“Oh no, he fumbled!!”
“How on earth did he miss that kick?”


Yes, these are familiar sounds of a college football watch party in your living room. Usually there’s 5-10 people in your home, cheering, eating and laughing. But now you’re mildly worried because you’re pulling double duty and hosting a cocktail party later that evening after game! Don’t worry we can help you take your home from tailgate to cocktail hour in no time!

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Clean up crew

Once the game is over, enlist your guests to help you clean up. Wash the dishes, throw away all the empty beer cans, arrange the furniture back to where it belongs, etc. If they’re good buddies, they won’t mind one bit! The best part about having people over for a tailgate is that there’s always leftovers for later!

Rearrange & mold

Once everyone is gone, start moving around the living to meet your standards of a good cocktail party. We suggest opening up the area around your coffee table so more people can gather around. Arrange all the seating to be focused to the center of the room.

Drink up

Have little drink stations away from the gathering in the middle of the room. Line up bar carts or tables with hor d’oeuvres and cocktails along the walls. Have fun with it and make signature cocktails based on a few guests or things you all have in common. Make sure you have multiple shakers out! And also remember to keep the glass on a stable surface.

Bonus tips:















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