brown leather furniture

Decorating Around Leather Furniture

Leather is neutral.

People are always saying that leather furniture is so masculine and often you’ll find blogs and articles telling you “how to make leather feminine.”

In fact, this blog post was almost written in that tone but we re-thought it. Why? Because leather is a neutral material. It isn’t inherently masculine or feminine, it just is. A lot of dudes may love leather but there are plenty of women out there who prefer leather.

We’ll tell you why.

Leather is so easy to clean and it exudes luxury. A lot of parents or people with pets will find that having leather furniture in their home is amazing. Something spills on it? No problem. Wipe it down with a wet cloth. Got a Corgi that sheds constantly? Thankfully, those hairs won’t embed themselves into your leather sofa. Leather is impenetrable.

Except with a knife. Please keep all knives away from the leather sectional.

But we also know styling leather furniture can be difficult so we’ve come up with some sets to show you how to style whatever color leather piece you have!

decorating with black leather furniture
The luxury of “grown-up” furniture while still retaining your personal style! Gothic glam is intense but it totally can be done. Start with a black leather sofa & ottoman (like our glamorous Alexis Midnight collection). Add in some shimmer with a mirrored coffee table. If you think things are too dark, go for royal purple curtains to highlight the pieces yet still retain your dark vibe. Don’t be restricted by the boring TV stands that are out there. Go for something black and geometric, adorn it with whatever you’d like. We suggest some dark gold or brass decor pieces. Control the light with a floor lamp in silver or crystal.
nautical leather furniture set polyvore
Sail away. Your style is more light and sweet with a mild nautical, shabby chic vibe. How are you supposed to decorate around a leather sofa with that theme? Well we can help. Keep all of your decor light and airy with pops of blue. Go for restored wooden pieces like our Hathaway wine cabinet and Teca storage cube. A woven rope chandelier will add to the coastal energy and lighten up the space whenever you want. Incorporate some blue chevron curtains to complete the look!
french country leather furniture polyvore
C’ie la vie! A French country atmosphere is absolutely attainable with a leather sofa. Go for a white leather piece to center your room around. Antique styles rule this space. A gray antique chair (like our Opal) can blend really well with the restored wood tables and artwork. Of course a fully stocked bar with wine is necessary in French country so get a cabinet that blends with your decor (our Happy Hour cabinet for example).

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