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How to Choose the Best Bed Size

Is your bed too big, too small, or just right? Choosing something that accommodates you and your partner’s preference can be tricky. A smaller bed will leave you with less room to roam while you sleep, but a larger bed might restrict the layout of your bedroom. With such a substantial purchase, take some time to think about which bed size will help you get the best sleep for years to come.

Twin Mattresses

38” wide by 75” long

  • Twin beds are best for little ones, on account of the shorter mattress length, which isn’t ideal for many adults.
  • A twin XL mattress might be a better solution for small spaces (and dorms!) since it’s a full 80” in length.
Full Mattresses

53” wide by 75” long

  • A full mattress, sometimes referred to as a “double”, can accommodate two but might not be a comfortable length for taller people.
  • Divided between two sleep partners, a full mattress is about the size of two crib mattresses side by side.
  • Parents increasingly choose full mattresses when their child transitions from crib to bed, to avoid buying a twin they’ll eventually outgrow.
Queen Mattresses

60” wide by 80” long

  • Compared to a full mattress, the added inches of a queen make a big difference in couples’ comfort.
  • A queen mattress is great for smaller bedroom sizes and couples who don’t mind snuggling up at night.
  • Single sleepers who sprawl out or toss and turn might also prefer a queen mattress.
King Mattresses

76” wide by 80” long

  • A king mattress provides more personal sleep space than any other mattress, coming in at about the size of two twin XL mattresses pushed together.
  • With the additional width, king mattresses also offer enough room for couples with kids who climb into bed with them.
  • Moving with a king can be tough if the new house has tight corners, narrow halls, or small bedrooms. King mattresses are often purchased with a “split” box frame to make moving easier.
California King Mattresses

72” wide by 84” long

  • Though slightly narrower than the traditional king mattress, a California king offers additional length, which is beneficial for tall people.
  • California king mattresses are a great choice if your bedroom is long and narrow, which would feel cramped with the width of a king.
  • With more room from top to bottom, California kings offer tons of space for decorative pillows, blankets, and pets that sleep at the foot of the bed.