His and Hers: Designing a Room You Both Will Love

Designing a space both he and she will love doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right blend of colors, styles and a little bit of compromise, you will find that a beautiful room can feel right at home for the feminine and masculine alike.

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Be Choosy with Color: Whether we want to admit it or not, there are still some colors that are automatically associated as more “boy” or “girl.” If you’re concerned with creating a space that’s too masculine or feminine, stick with neutrals and colors that don’t have as strong of a strong association with one gender or the other.

Geometric Patterns Work Best: Florals are an example of a pattern that can come across as decidedly feminine. Look for rugs, artwork and accent pillows that feature stripes, plaids, polka dots and bold geometric designs.

Add a Touch of Green: Houseplants are a great way to give your design texture and bring some life to your space. Not only do houseplants add a pop of color and natural beauty, they provide oxygen and some varieties even help purify the air!

Seeing is Believing: Do your research and find designs that appeal to each of you. The internet is an amazing place when it comes to decorating inspiration. Once you’ve both found rooms you like, compare them and look for colors, styles or themes that are complementary. You can use those similar themes as a starting place for a type of design you know you’ll both love.