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Sleeping Soundly with Pets

Pets are a part of our family. And for many dog and cat owners, sharing the bed is just part of the nighttime routine. But are you getting quality sleep with your pet curled up at your feet, or are they hogging the bed and keeping you up at night?

Some pets make it easier than others to cozy up and doze off. If you’re not bothered by your pet, not a problem. Pets help us feel safe and calm, psychologically triggering comfort, which can contribute to better sleep overall. The companionship that pets offer can also alleviate insecurities about sleeping alone, and help little ones cope with disliking the dark.

But four-legged friends can sometimes be sleep offenders. Dogs kick and snore and cats cry and pace, waking you up night after night. Give these pets their own place in the room—close to your bed, if that’s where they’d prefer to be. Create a comfy pet bed with old pillows and blankets that smell more like you than a pet store. Your pet will find comfort and you’ll find yourself getting better sleep.

In the end, it all comes down to you and your partner’s comfort level with sharing your sleep space. Finding something that works for you, and your pets, will help everyone sleep like a dog.