green wood bedroom bedding

Design the Perfect Guest Room

A happy guest makes for a happy host! Create a space that will keep your guests happy and comfortable with the help of these tips:

Outlets: It’s the age we live in! When you show your guest to their room, the first thing they’ll be looking for is an open outlet for their phone, tablet, laptop, eReader… the list goes on and on! Make sure that outlets are open, easily accessible and preferably located near the bed.

Wifi password: Take a tip from the your favorite hotel and leave the name of your wifi network and the  password in your guest’s room. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy! A simple notepad or post-it note with the network name and password will be a huge help (although some craftier types might enjoy making up their own printed card).

Books and magazines: Sure, everyone travels with a portable entertainment center in their pocket, but it’s still a nice touch to provide some reading material. A few books or magazines that you feel would interest your guest is a great, personalized touch.

Seating: Of course your guests want to spend ALL their waking time with you, but no matter the visitor, there will probably be times when they’re in their room and NOT asleep. Don’t keep them bedridden, give your guests a place to sit (even if they only use the seat to put on their shoes).

Blackout curtains: A lot of people have a hard time sleeping somewhere other than their own home. Make the room as sleep friendly as possible by choosing blackout or “room darkening” curtains for your guest room.

Fan: Fans are great for the obvious use of cooling down, but many people prefer sleeping with a fan on for the “white noise” it adds. It will also be nice for you to not feel like every trip to the kitchen or conversation with your spouse is keeping your guest awake.