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What Bedding is Best for You?

There is no room in your home that’s more personal than the bedroom. While it can often be the last area of the home to get any real design (and budget) attention, a beautiful bedroom really is important! We all need a space to relax and recharge and when you love the design it’s just that much better. One of the easiest and most impactful ways to update your bedroom is with the right bedding. But how do you know what style is right for you? Try picking the bedding that goes best with your personality!


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The Romantic

The Good Dream Collection

You’ve seen The Notebook twenty times and feel a deep sense of loss every time one of your favorite celebrity couples calls it quits. You want bedding that’s anything but boring. Go for sparkles, fur, satin, ruffles and more sparkle.


The Nature Loverbedding, green, upholstered bed

The Zoe III Collection

You feel most at home when you’re out in nature. All your favorite colors and those found most in mother nature’s own palette. Surround yourself with gorgeous greens and rich textures for a feeling that evokes all the warmth and peaceful tranquility of the outdoors that you so enjoy.



Gwendolyne IIThe Optimist

The Gwendolyne II Collection

For you, the glass is always half full. You greet each morning with a smile and excitement for what the new day has in store. Dress your bed with colors as bright and cheerful as your demeanor. Yellow is an especially energetic color that would go great with your sunny disposition.


Bedding, Black and White, Hot Pink, Upholstered BedThe Fashionista

The Erin IV Collection

You live for NYC Fashion Week and keep up with all the latest trends. Your wardrobe is full of patterns, textures, bold colors and fun accent pieces – so why should your bedding be any different? Dress your bed to match your current style inspiration and never underestimate how quickly a great accent pillow or throw can change the whole look around!

Bella IIIThe Artist

The Bella III Collection

You spend your life in pursuit of artistic endeavors and choose a to see a play over a football game every time. Your home – and most especially your bedroom – should be a place for relaxation and reflection. Choose light, neutral colors to avoid visual clutter and add accents that speak to your artistic eye for all things beautiful.


The Minimalistneutral, bedding

The Poly Quilt Spa Collection

You’re a perfectionist that gets excited by efficiency and has no time for clutter. Invest in bedding that is high-quality and low maintenance. You don’t know how people have time for all those accent pillows anyway! Two pillows, sheets and a blanket is all a bed really needs after all.


  1. I didn’t like any of them. King size ,metal antique bronze or black headboard all white lines and comforter.Peace and rest

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