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6 Tips to Have the Perfect Sunday

There’s a reason Sunday is the day of rest. It’s the perfect chance to unwind from a busy weekend and prepare for the week ahead. Instead of spending your Sundays binge-watching yet another show on Netflix, why not make the most of your day?

Power down. When was the last time you just sat and took in your surroundings? Rediscover how great it can feel to not be tied to technology every second of the day. Sunday is the perfect day to set aside some time to turn off your phone, power down the computer, and set aside the tablet. Don’t know what you would do without all that technology at your fingertips? Well…

living room, guitar, sundayTake up a hobby. The internet is a great place for getting ideas, but how often do we really try all those things on our Pinterest boards? Use Sunday as a day to do a little self improvement. You’re never too old to try something new. Whether it’s painting, crafts, work working or learning a new language or to play an instrument. It may be a bit of a time and money investment at first, but think back to how far you would be now if you had started a hobby (and stuck with it) a year ago!

Get some fresh air. Most of us spend a big portion of our workweek indoors. Wen the weather allows, make sure to get outside and get some rays. It’s good for the mind and body. Sunshine provides us with healthy vitamin D and even just a nice brisk walk gives us heart-healthy exercise.

Commit to your health. Have you been wanting to lose weight or eat healthier, but just can’t seem to find something that works? Experts nowadays know that preparing your meals for the week has a HUGE impact on how likely you are to eat healthy throughout the week. A little extra effort on Sunday preparing your meals makes choosing healthy meals for the rest of the week a breeze.

Explore your city. tan armchairHave you found yourself just going to the same places and doing the same things? It’s time to get to know your city little better! Are there any museums you’ve been meaning to visit? Restaurants you’ve always wanted to try? Branch out and try something new or go searching for some hidden gems. Who knows? You may just end up with some new favorite spots.

Read a book.
Remember books? So many movies and TV shows are based on books, there must be some pretty good ones, right? Sitting down with a good book is one of the great simple joys of life. Head down to your local bookstore and browse around (that can be one of the new places in the city that you explore). Or ask a friend if they have any good suggestions. Book lovers are more than happy to spread the word on the great books they’ve read.