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Transport Your Space with Mid-Century Mod

soloMid-Century mod has become a favorite go-to style of everyday people and designers alike. Known for clean, uncomplicated lines, the pieces inspired by this classic era are perfect for creating a chic, fresh and refined looking space.

Check out these quick and easy ways to bring a mid-century vibe to your modern home.


  1. Keep it simple. sapphire chandelierThe #1 rule of mid-century modern design is to keep everything simple and uncomplicated. No fancy ruffles, sequins or ornate detailing here!
  2. Add in earthy elements. When we think mid-century, we often envision crazy plastic chairs and such, but much of mid-century furniture was actually very focused on rich wood tones.
  3. Put everything in the right light. Some of the most conic silhouettes and designs from this era can be found in lighting. From dome style lamps to the uber popular “sputnik” style, the right lighting can make or break your mid-century vibe.
  4. Go graphic with patterns. Prints and patterns of this time period were anything but boring. The perfect complement to an otherwise simple design, bold pops of color and geometric patterns reign create the perfect balance in mid-century designs.