beige living room friends

Two Personalities, One Space

Two distinct styles in one home.

You’re about to move into your first apartment (or second or third) with either a random roommate or your bestest friend or sorority sister! Yay! Congrats!

As you guys plan your home together, you quickly discover your decor styles are very, very different. One of you likes the dark, grungier look, the other is into lighter, vintage.

How in the world can you make this work? Don’t worry we’ve got some tips for you!

two personalities one space polyvore

  1. Find common ground. Find out what you both like. Maybe you’re both into the glam look but in different colors or you both love gold and silver and other metallics. When you have differing styles in one space, things can get a little too messy and not pleasing to eye. Settle on a theme or vibe and run with it.
  2. Blend with a color. Stick with 1-2 colors or shades of one color that you both love. This doesn’t mean you guys should buy whatever you want but in the same color. Silhouettes matter. Neutral colors are the best for a base and then add in little pops of color where you can. We suggest reds or blues in varying shades.
  3.  Keep it simple. If you both like a a nailhead trim or interesting textures, good! But you can’t have both fur and mock croc in a home where you’re trying to blend personalities. Choose one or the other! The more decor you add the more you run the risk of your home losing its balance.