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Tips for Updating your Empty Nest

[custom_heading center=”true”]The years have flown by and your little one is now a college student! That leaves you with a decision to make about what to do with their bedroom. Sure, it’s tempting to leave that space of theirs untouched, like a little museum dedicated to the memory of your little one that is now a grown-up, but resist the urge! This is an exciting chance to change things up and create a space that can get a lot of use.[/custom_heading]

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Here are some ideas for how to utilize that space:

Guest room: It’s already a bedroom, so this one is easy! Take that twin sized bed and bring in a queen size bed. Not only will your college kid be happier when they come back to visit, but any other overnight guests will be much more comfortable as well!

Office: This one is a no-brainer. Bring in an adult sized desk and set up the room as your new home office. Even if you don’t work from home, it’s great to have a space separate from all those other distractions. If you still need the space for when your child comes home, add in a sofa bed! Seating space in an office is a must and you’ll also have someone where overnight guests can crash.

Craft room: Ok, this one isn’t for everybody. But now that your son or daughter has moved off on their own, it’s pretty likely you’ll find yourself with some extra free-time. Try taking up a new hobby like drawing, painting or even scrap-booking. There are all  kinds of studies that show having an artistic outlet is great for both mind and spirit.

Game room: This idea can go either way. If you’re more inclined to electronic entertainment, get a new entertainment center (or TV stand depending on the size of the room) and create a game/TV room where you can escape for some recreation. We all know video games aren’t just for kids anymore. If high speed chases and zombie attacks aren’t your thing, try creating a space for board games. It’s a lot of fun to have a designated area with proper seating and storage for all those game nights.

Having your little ones fly the coup can be hard, but make sure to make a point of embracing your new found independence! You’ve done your job and now is the time to re-discover yourself. And don’t worry, they’ll be back soon for a visit… laundry and all.