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Master the Art of Napping

Sometimes naps can be hard to fit into your schedule. Make the most of the times they do with helpful tips and tricks to leave you feeling more rested and refreshed than the moment you woke up.

Think naps are only for little ones and older people?

Naps actually have countless benefits for everyone. Taking a timely snooze can leave you feeling less stressed and more productive throughout the day.

Find the right time

The perfect naptime is after you’ve been awake for at least six hours, and it should only last about half an hour. Set your alarm so you don’t oversleep and interfere with sleeping later.

Have a drink, then have a nap

Caffeine takes 20 minutes to take effect. Try drinking a caffeinated beverage before napping to wake yourself up just as it starts setting in.

Keep it consistent

Take naps everyday? Schedule them for the same time so your body gets into a routine.

Block the light & sleep upright

Always nap in a dark room. If your room is naturally light, try wearing an eye mask, hanging black out curtains, or putting a rolled up towel at the base of your bedroom door to block the light. Sitting upright also helps avoid a deeper sleep.

Wake up on full alert

By limiting and regulating your naptime, you’ll feel more alert, even later in the day, making you more productive, thoughtful, and creative.