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Ready For Some Football

Autumn is here and that means football parties are back! Whether you’re a loyal fan or a casual cheerer, getting together to watch the game is a staple of the season. Here are some ideas to throw the perfect football party…

Invite the right people

People from opposing teams ALWAYS make for an entertaining time. Bring the smack talk and the hubris because no one does it better than football fans. Leave out people who don’t watch football, they’ll only bring the mood down! Bonus, the right people will bring food and booze!

TV matters

Flat screens? Duh. Go for broke and get DUAL or TRIPLE screens so there’s several games going on at once! This is a party for god’s sakes. Now you’ll definitely need the right kind of entertainment center to maximize the experience. We love Brentwood for this because it’s got so much room for, well, everything! You can center your seating around it so everyone has the best seats in the house.



Stick to the food basics

Finger foods are a must: chips and dip, mini corn dogs, little sandwiches, peanuts, trail mix, etc. If it’s nice outside, start up the grill and get those burgers and hot dogs going! Set up little food stations around the room to make it easy for people to go back and forth without a mess!

Max out your seating

If you’re planning on having a lot of people over, make sure they have a place to put their butts! Stools, chairs, ottomans, poufs, recliners and a big, comfy sectional is exactly what you need to keep all your guests happy and cheerful. Strategically place them around the room so that no one feels like they’re right on top of each other.


Stock up on cleaning supplies

Yeah, you’re gonna need lots of Lysol wipes and paper towels. People tend to spill things when they’re excited and you don’t want to count on the dogs eating or licking it up! Encourage your guests to clean up after themselves by handing them the wipes/sponge/towel! We’re all in this together 😀

Have fun & remember it’s just a game!

Having your buddies around is the whole point. Don’t get caught up in checking your fantasy football scores or who is trading who. Just relax and enjoy the game. We love football season!


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