wood marble dining room table

Fill Your Empty Nest

It’s that time of year again where little ones are headed off to their first day of school. In other homes, those little ones are all grown up and heading off to their first day of college! That’s when empty nesters are born.

But this new time in your child’s life can also be a new beginning for you! Don’t just leave their room sitting around empty for those occasional visits. Put it to good use with these ideas for using that spare room!

1. Guest Bedroom: Okay, so this isn’t the MOST original idea. But having a spare bedroom that is neutral and not filled with track trophies and boy band posters is much more welcoming for guests. And your student will still have a place to sleep when they come visit.

2. Movie Studio: Sound a little out there? It’s really not! All you need is the right furniture, a big screen TV and some blackout curtains. Add some extra touches like framed movie posters (and maybe even a popcorn machine for fun) and you’ve got your own private screening room!

Gemini3. Game room: Make a space just for fun and turn your spare room into a game room! All you need (other than the games) is a table, chairs and a bookcase or two to store and display your game collection.

4. Hobby room: If you already have a hobby, like painting or scrapbooking, take it to the next level by giving yourself a whole room. The transition to an empty nester is also a great time to start a new hobby. It’s never too late to learn something new.

5. Closet: Imagine the ULTIMATE walk-in closet! Get a couple dressers or armoires, some built-in shelving and line a few mirrors along the wall. Ta da! Your own private dressing room. Once you have it, you won’t know how you ever lived without it!