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What a Dad Wants for Father’s Day

[custom_heading center=”true”]Father’s Day is fast approaching and you’re scrambling trying to figure out what to get Dad…oh no! An easy way to figure this out is to…listen.[/custom_heading] Listen to what he says when he talks, people reveal a lot about what they want when they just say things in passing. Pay attention and you’ll be able to find a whole list of things to get for him! As far as we go, we’re in the man cave business. If you want to surprise Dad with the best Father’s Day gift ever, we’ve got the right pieces to make his day.

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Let’s start with the big stuff. Every man needs a good leather sofa. The Kingsway Collection is the perfect match for Dad with it’s dark, supple, comfortable leather and functional seating. Big enough to spread out on without feeling like too much. If Dad wants the finer things in life, give it to him!


This collection also includes a recliner that is so comfortable, he might find himself falling asleep in it every night! Not only is it comfy, it’s a power recliner that moves with ease.


But what else could go in the Dad cave? No cave is complete without an entertainment center. There stands the TV, aka all that he holds dear! And the TV isn’t the only thing it can carry, get him some DVDs or books to fill up the shelves. So much storage space and a perfect style piece for when he’s got his buddies over. Even bros can appreciate good style 😉


This Compass Table can complete the Dad cave look, it’s multi-purpose with ample storage space for all his knick-knacks. And it’s big enough for he and his buddies to play whatever it is that dads play. Poker? Dice? Yahtzee?? Who knows!

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[custom_heading center=”true”]Treat your dad like a king on this day and show him just how much he means to you![/custom_heading]

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