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Couples Sleeping: Never Feel too Close for Comfort

Read the ins and outs to staying cool, comfortable and asleep all night with your partner right by your side.

Need your space?

If you’re sleeping on a full sized bed—upgrade to a king or queen. By having more space, you’ll be less likely to feel occasional kicks and pulled covers throughout the night.

You’re In This Together

A mattress is something you’ll share for a few years. Make sure you pick the best by talking about your mattress likes and dislikes, then mattress shop with both of your comfort levels in mind.

Put A Price On It

Though you can’t put a price on a good night’s rest, you can come close to it. Before trying out mattresses in store, decide on an amount you both can sleep with at night.

One Likes It Hot, One Likes It Cold

If setting the thermostat doesn’t help, find mattresses with fabrics that fit each sleep partner’s specific needs.

Go To Bed At The Same Time

Create routines for better sleep—even if you have different sleep schedules. Night owl? Read with a bedside lamp. Early riser? Consider a foam mattress that doesn’t move so you can get out of bed without waking your partner.