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5 Tips for the Perfect Labor Day Party

It’s hard to believe, but Labor Day weekend is almost here. Spending tons of time outside with friends and family is an absolute must as the unofficial end of summer arrives. Here are some tips for making your Labor Day party a total success.

1. Swim while you still can! If you have access to a pool, it is a MUST to spend some of your party time there. In most cooler climates, this is the final weekend that public outdoor pools will be open!

2. Grill, grill, grill. Did we mention grill? No Labor Day get together would be complete without grilling out. But don’t feel like you’re stuck with hot dogs and burgers. All kinds of healthy and vegetarian grilling options can be served up on the grill.Group Of Friends Enjoying Outdoor Meal At Home

3. Update your patio for less. With patio season nearing its end, now is the time to save big on patio furniture! You may not get much use out of it this year, but you’ll be happy to have snagged those savings when next summer rolls around. OR add a set with a fire pit and make your patio perfect for those chilly autumn nights to come.

4. Keep your guests protected. Guests know to BYOB, but that usually doesn’t stand for “bring your own bug spray.” Be a thoughtful host and provide your guests with products to fend off pesky insects. There is no faster way to ruin an outdoor meal than to become one yourself!

5. Put away the smartphones. No really, give it a try! Suggest to guests that they all put their phones down and really commit to the moment. You’ll probably get some resistance at first, but it can be really nice to get a break from constantly checking your phone for a few hours. You’ll probably notice that the conversation picks up, too!


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