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Lux & Concord: Easy Ways to Add Color

Spring is a time for fresh starts.

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and it’s time to break out the colors in your wardrobe and your home.

spring add color
“We love curling up on our gray Adrian Graphite Sofa any time of year. But the color can feel a little dark for a bright, sunny spring or summer day. Adding pops of color with a few throw pillows and a bright blanket instantly dresses the sofa for the season.”

Lux and Concord shows us some easy ways to add color in our homes! There are plenty of ways to update your house for springtime, but the best place to start is the spot where everyone gathers and spends the most time: the living room! If you live in the city, it’s likely you have less than an expansive amount of room to work with, but with a few simple steps, your living room will be spring-ready.

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