red leather sectional

Brighten Up Your Winter Decor

Artificial sunshine at home is easy!

Okay things can get super dark and depressing in the winter. But we’re not going to let that continue are we?

Winter decor tends to be a little dreary, every interior “expert” is telling you to decorate with whites and grays and fur. We say “NAY.” A pop of color in bright tones will always make you feel good when you come home from a long day at the office. And with accent pieces it’s easier than ever to add in where and when you can without disrupting the vibe of your space.

villa capri laila cabinets
When you first walk in the door, BAM there’s beauty and color waiting for you in the hallway. We love these Villa Capri (left) and Laila (right) cabinets because they don’t overdo it with color. Subtle and chic on the outside, but if you open them up they shine on the inside. Laila’s got a hot pink felt inside, while Villa Capri glows in mint blue. Store whatever you want in these! We all have knickknacks that tend to lounge everywhere, so given them a home.
yellow jewelry armoire dresser
In the bedroom, you never want too much color or accents because those deter and distract from the purpose of the room: to get good sleep. But you don’t have to have some dull, neutral bed either. Our Harlan jewelry armoire is a dark yellow that adds color without overwhelming the space. It’s beautifully vintage-inspired and has so many different compartments, you’ll have to buy MORE jewelry just to fill it!
end tables
Brighten up with multifunctional pieces too. These Trio Nesting Tables are so freaking cute AND then can help you expand your surface area and contract when necessary. The lucite green/blue glass is easy to clean and easy to move. Wanna play a game of Cards Against Humanity with your buddies? Expand the tables in a row. Need space for your afternoon yoga? Contract the tables and tuck them away. So easy and adorable!


colorful accent furniture
Versatility is a huge important part about buying a piece of furniture. This media chest, Grenoble, can be used in a lot of different ways. You can use it as a hallway decor piece to store your things. You can use it as a TV stand, which makes it the coolest TV stand in existence. You can use it as an awesome bookcase or even a jewelry armoire or hell, even a wine cabinet! The possibilities are endless! It’s colorful, flexible and it comes in multiple colors.
colorful tables
Mix and match these adorable little tables. There’s so many colors of this Kobi accent table, that you could get 3-4 in alternating color combos! Add in these little pieces anywhere in your space: next to the sofa, near your bed, along the wall in the dining room. Seriously you can’t go wrong. Our fave color combo is definitely the teal and gold!
colorful accent pillows
Okay the truly easiest way to brighten up and add color to your space is by adding in accent pillows. You can literally put these anywhere and you can have so much fun with an awesome color scheme or decor theme like nautical or glam. Add in 4-6 pillows on your sectional. Then add 3-4 on your bed to accentuate your sheets. You can even add some to your dining room chairs to make them more comfortable for people. If you’ve got a patio set, add them to your outside decor! The sky is the limit.