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Quick Tips | Decorating from Floor to Ceiling

We’ve got your decorating covered from top to bottom! Follow these handy tips for finding the right rug and creating the perfect gallery wall arrangement.

Sizing Up the Right Rug

Classic: If your room is designed with the sofa against a wall, choose a rug that is large enough to fit the front legs of all your seating.


Floating: Furniture that is configured in the center of the room should have a rug large enough to fit all four legs of every seating piece.


Dining: Choose a rug that is at least two feet wider than the dining room table on each side. Note that the standard dining room rug is at least eight feet wide.


Bedroom: Pick a rug large enough to extend across the bottom two-thirds of the bed. It will keep you from stepping out of bed onto a cold, hard floor.


Create Your Own Gallery Wall


Shape & Size | Variety is the key to a good gallery wall. Choose pieces of all different shapes, sizes and orientations.

Personalize | Your family is a work of art, so show them off. Include candid family photos in the collection.

Mix & Match | Don’t worry about matching your frames. Varying wides, finishes and colors create a fun, eclectic feel.