purple living room

Color Combos for Every Room!

When decorating your home sometimes you don’t know which colors go best with that new sofa you just got or whether you should add in accent pillows or plants because you’re so confused by color. It’s okay we’ve got a few helpful hints that can turn your home into a chic, colorful dream!

wood white chest bed bedroom Let’s start with the bedroom, go for a light rustic vibe with browns, oranges and blues. Off-set that heavy, thick rug with light blue and orange throw pillows and duvet. Brown/wood furniture is pretty common in a lot of rooms, so play with that warm hue by mixing in some sky blues.

dining, pink, flowers, bench seating The dining room can get dull if you let it…so don’t let it! Gray and pink are our favorite color combos for a dining room with large windows and wood floors, but it can work in any set-up. Pink is a pretty color that lightens up any room and gives the illusion of a wider space. Bring in some flowers and other greenery to keep that light, warm feel.

black cocktail table red sofa The living room is the centerpiece of your home. We say go for the red with this room. Use a neutral color (like gray or beige) for your sofa/sectional and build on it with red accent chairs, a lucite green glass table, coral lamps and artwork on the walls to splash the color even farther! Be big and bold with your most important room!